8 premium bathroom upgrades

Fancy tile work

To instantly upgrade your bathroom, ditch your acrylic shower wall and replace it with tile.

Fancy tile work is also in style for bathroom floors and walls.

The trend in high-end tile work ($150-$200 per square foot plus installation) is unique and personalized products, says Kirsten Schmit, marketing and product manager of Colorado-based Decorative Materials, a specialty tile and stone retailer.

"Clients want products and design that reflect their individual style," Schmit says. "Water-jet-cut mosaics combining stone and glass are popular choices for high-end bathroom floors and feature walls."

Tile is no longer square and flat; rectangles and dimensional products are in style.

"For the mid-range client, porcelain is overtaking the market," Schmit says.

Porcelain tile ($12-$15 per square foot plus installation) now visually and texturally blurs the lines between real and manmade marble, travertine and wood products.

The "cheap" stigma of porcelain is gone, Schmit says, and it does not require the extensive care that most natural stones require.

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