8 critical home repairs you can't ignore

Don't let your home fall down, burn up or kill you

Here's one of the harsh realities of owning a home: Some problems just can't wait. You have to fix them now.

It doesn’t matter how inconvenient the timing might be. Or how much these home repairs might cost.

We're talking about leaks and shorts and cracks and critters that will literally cause your abode to fall down, burn up or kill you.

If you're lucky, a few hundred dollars will put things right. If you're not, the bills could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Ignore these critical repairs, and the damage will just grow and become more expensive. And this is not the kind of work most homeowners can do themselves.

Sink 10 or 20 grand into remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, and you can enjoy the high-end stainless steel appliances, granite counter tops or Jacuzzi tub every day.

There's no joy in fixing stuff like roofs and furnaces, wiring and foundations. Most of the money is spent on boring stuff you never see, hidden behind walls and ceilings or in the darkest recesses of your basement.

But here are 8 critical problems you have to deal with right now – or else.

By Craig Guillot
Interest.com Contributing Editor