7 ways to dress up your home for a faster sale

Don’t forget the outside

The exterior is the first impression a would-be buyer has of a home, which is why all real estate agents stress curb appeal.

Poor landscaping is a major distraction, says Dominic Cardone, a Realtor with Keller Williams in Media, Pa. "People have very little imagination when looking at houses."

Shrubbery is his biggest pet peeve. Shrubs are often overgrown, especially with older homes, and having grown over windows, block natural light and cause mold and mildew to accumulate on the home’s exterior.

After manicuring shrubs, or removing them altogether, weed gardens, mulch the lawn and plant flowers for color if the season is right.

And then, according to Cardone, power wash the exterior of the house and windows, wooden decks, and sidewalk and driveway. "Wherever you can power wash, do it," he says. "You can make an old sidewalk look new with power washing. The before and after is startling."