How to replace your front door

Complement your home

Your front door is more than just the entrance to your home. It's also a style statement.

But you’ll elevate your home’s curb appeal when you match your front door to your home, says Emily Belyea, marketing coordinator of Austin, Texas-based online retailer Crestview Doors.

Pay attention to period details, such as matching a 1950s-style door with a 1950s ranch-style home, she says. Match the design, color and quality of the front door with your home’s exterior color scheme.

The front door is part of a home’s exterior features and must be congruent to give the home a seamless look, says Charlotte, N.C.-based designer DeAnna Radaj, owner of Bante Design.

Then add your own personal touch, like painting the door a bright color, to give your home character and charm, says Belyea.

Avoid black, dark blue and dark green, as your door will look like a black hole, says Radaj.

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