7 ways to dress up your home for a faster sale

Clean up the clutter

We all accumulate "stuff," and when you’ve been in your home awhile, it starts to take over.

"You have to get rid of some of this stuff to make the home show better," says Jim Liptak, a Realtor with Patterson Realty in San Luis Obispo, Calif. Buyers have a hard time looking past clutter and seeing the actual house.

Plus, a clutter-free home will seem larger, and "you want to make your place look as big as you can," Liptak says.

It's time to think about a storage locker if you don't already have one.

Start by clearing counter tops. Put away small appliances like toasters; clear makeup and other personal items in the bathroom. Too much stuff out in plain view can register as a lack of storage space to a buyer breezing through.

Trinkets, knickknacks and personal collections should also be hidden from view.