10 most valuable home improvements

Adding a second story

Essentially doubling your home’s square footage costs $155,365 and adds $111,579 in value, 71.8% of the cost.

Adding a second floor is definitely a hefty home renovation, but for homeowners who are attached to their location, property or home itself, it’s a viable option, says Jim Stull, project coordinator with Surpass Renovations in Grand Rapids, Mich.

He recommends first researching whether the home, especially the first floor’s walls, are capable of supporting a second floor. Then, preferably, move out so the professionals can rip off the roof and get the job done.

"Dollar-wise, it’s not a bad thing to think about," he says. "Typically, people who are doing these types of renovations are staying awhile."

Source: Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report (www.costvalue.com).

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