Budget Bride Tip for June 7: Cupcakes make tasty wedding favors

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We’re celebrating the month of June with a daily tip from savvy brides who saved big bucks on the wedding of their dreams.

Ilse and Adrian Hamblin had to arrange a destination wedding in the bride’s hometown of Cape Town, South Africa, from New York.

It proved to be a difficult task, both from a cost and a logistics standpoint.

Items that couldn’t be cut back on, or transported easily, the couple simply didn’t do.

"We weren’t going to have any favors, because we couldn’t afford to have any favors," says Ilse, 25, who sells homemade housewares on Etsy. “I felt bad, because it’s always nice for someone to take something home.”

The average couple spent $206 on wedding favors in 2011, according to The Wedding Report, a wedding industry research company.

Ilse also felt strongly that favors should be useful and not something to “clutter someone else’s house,” and what fit that bill was simply too expensive to buy and ship.

So, when a friend from her South African high school offered to make cupcakes for favors, Ilse accepted without hesitation.

They decided on lemon-vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting. The cupcakes were placed in red windowed boxes adorned with stickers with sayings like “Love Is Sweet.”

Guests found the boxed cupcakes at their place settings.

Ilse and Adrian, 34, a neutraceutical consultant, chose a wine farm for their Jan. 1, 2012, wedding and reception, which wound up costing $13,000.

Isle knew the cupcakes were a hit when, the day after the wedding, a family friend stopped by and asked if any were left.

“He just sat down and ate one right there,” Ilse says.

Here's Adrian and Ilse, in her wedding gown, during the ceremony ...

And these are the cupcakes before they were individually boxed and presented at the wedding dinner ...

Thanks to Ilse and Adrian Hamblin for sharing these personal photos from their wedding album with us.

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Budget Bride Tip for June 7: Cupcakes make tasty wedding favors

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