How to deal with your neighbor's bad curb appeal

Couple holding paintbrushes

Hipsters at the marketing company Brainiacs From Mars are looking for a few homeowners willing to turn their homes into brightly painted billboards.

In exchange, the company will make your mortgage payments for as long as you keep the advertisement up.

This company's unconventional campaign has earned it dozens of mentions in places like The Huffington Post and The Boston Globe.

It's also resulted in more than 42,000 applications from homeowners nationwide willing to sacrifice good taste for some home loan help.

God help you if your neighbors become one of the 3,000 homes to win a new coat of gaudy paint.

While they’re getting the mortgage paid, every time you look out the window, you’ll be blinded by their neon orange and green monstrosity.

If your neighbors turn their home into a giant ad, paint it Barbie pink or permanently stop mowing the lawn, try these 7 tips for dealing with your neighbors’ bad curb appeal:

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