Jen goes on a cost-cutting spree

Got a Bike Share bike

Soon after I switched insurance carriers, I saw an ad on my account that noted I am a light driver and got me thinking about how much I spend on gas and how I could cut that down. One answer: a bike from Collingswood Bike Share. For $25 a year, I get a bike that I keep in my home, plus maintenance. It's an older model and certainly not pretty, but I don't really care. If it breaks, I take it back and they give me another one, and it's perfect for running errands and riding the five miles to my mother's house. I'm doing even more things to make my rides more efficient, like walking more, clustering errands and asking myself whether I really need to make a trip that will mean using gas and paying tolls. My goal is to use one tank of gas per month.

Annual savings: $250, if all goes according to plan.

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