Jen goes on a cost-cutting spree

Cleared out clutter

My spare room is full of unopened boxes of books, and my bookshelf is still overflowing. So I sorted out what I really wanted to keep and listed almost all the rest on, a used-book market. I made sure that selling the book would be worth it, too. If, say, the going price of a paperback is 50 cents, I'm not doing it. Between the cost of the mailing envelopes, which I bought in bulk from Staples, and the fee takes, I'd lose money (the buyer pays the shipping fee). Those books went into the donate pile and then to the library. I made sure to get a receipt so I could write off the donation on my taxes.

Annual savings: $30 so far, and I expect a total take of about $100 a year after all the most-in-demand books are sold.

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