Jen goes on a cost-cutting spree

6 ways I chopped my bills and you can too!

It was the car insurance that made me snap.

For the second time in a year, my rates had gone up.

Now, they didn't go up a significant amount — about $10 a month — but enough to tick me off. I'd been with Allstate since I got my license and thought they could surely do something. When I called? Nada. I got the verbal equivalent of a shrug.

That one thing set me off and had me looking at where else I could cut my budget. And I'm not talking "skip the latte" kind of stuff. I'm talking easy moves that'll have a lasting impact.

Were some of these things annoying and time-consuming? Yes. But the thrill of chopping down what I pay out each month without really affecting my lifestyle (though one chop did change things, in a good way) was thrilling — more so than I could have imagined when I set out on this quest.

Here's what I did to save more than $800 a year:

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