Money advice for a lasting marriage

6 smart financial vows

You’ve found The One, but before you exchange vows, you need to swap credit card bills, bank statements and credit scores.

“Couples need to be in alignment about their financial values and have a clear agreement about their priorities and goals,” says Deborah Price, money coach and author of The Heart of Money: A Couple’s Guide to Creating True Financial Intimacy.

In fact, talking about money — and coming to an agreement about savings and spending — just might save your marriage.

Researchers at Utah State University found that couples who disagreed about their finances once a week were twice as likely to divorce as couples who fought less than once a month.

“When we have conversations about money, we develop a much closer bond and much stronger feelings of safety and intimacy,” Price says.

Here are 6 smart financial moves to get you started.

By Jodi Helmer Contributing Editor

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