Here's evidence powerful, wealthy women make the world a better place

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Do we need more proof that having more women leaders — in politics and in the workplace — is a good thing?

Two new surveys prove that point decisively.

The first shows women are more likely to be concerned about everyone, not just themselves.

According to the Spectrem Group, a wealth management and retirement services firm, 29% of affluent men agreed with the statement that "inequality is a problem and that the wealthy don't pay their fair share."

When they asked wealthy women, that number jumped to 40%.

So, rich men want to squirrel away their gold where no one else can find it (in Romney-esque offshore accounts, perhaps?), but more rich women want to help the less fortunate for the good of everyone.

This solidifies the case that we need more women in elected office.

Not only would these women fight for rights that are being torn apart by state governments (like equal pay and access to health care), they'd also serve as a counterbalance to rich guys who legislate in ways that will protect their personal fortunes while the poor and middle class suffer.

It takes a village, folks.

Until we have people in government who realize that, we're doomed to the kind of income inequality that is tearing the country apart.

Women can help right the ship.

The second survey shows women help make companies more money.

Right now, 36% of U.S. corporations have no women on their boards.

That has proven to be a bad move.

According to a study by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, big companies with at least six women on their boards did better during the financial crisis. Those companies' stocks outperformed those of their peers by 26% over six years.

The research group's theory: When everything goes to hell, women counterbalance men, who are more likely to take risks that won't pay off.

Again, according to the study, the companies with these women-friendly boards were more risk-averse and had less debt. They also had larger growth of net income and quick paydown of corporate debt.

So, women look out for the whole instead of themselves and help companies to more solid financial futures.

It's a no-brainer that we need more women in positions of power, for the health of our private and financial worlds.

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