You can now pool your Citibank credit card reward points

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Citibank is showing gratitude toward members of its ThankYou Rewards program with a new Facebook app that lets cardholders pool reward points with their friends and family.

The ThankYou point-sharing app lets members who are both Facebook friends and ThankYou rewards members pool their points (typically one point equals one dollar spent), then use the collective value toward a shared goal or reward.

You can join forces and combine your reward points to make a charitable donation or choose from rewards listed on the rewards program’s website, ranging from toys to travel gift certificates. There’s no fee to transfer points and no limit on the number of points that can be transferred.

To promote its new app, Citi is giving 10 million ThankYou points to qualifying members on Facebook.

The first 4,000 ThankYou members to link the app to their personal Facebook pages before midnight, Eastern time, on Feb. 3 will receive 2,500 ThankYou points apiece and can use them for a number of individual ThankYou rewards, such as digital books and music downloads. The winners will see the points in their ThankYou account within 72 hours after they’ve linked to the Facebook app.

After you’ve linked to the app, you can start a pool of points for an individual, group or cause. Then set a goal, like creating a large group donation to a favorite charity or getting the travel points required for having a relative fly in for a family reunion.

The app also lets you highlight a desired item on your ThankYou Wishlist when setting a goal for the pool, so others know what your ultimate goal is.

You can also share a Facebook wall list after creating a point pool to encourage your friends and family to help out. If they’re also ThankYou rewards members, they can choose to select a specific amount of points to contribute to the pool. Members can track progress toward the goal for their points pool on the app, which displays a percentage of each goal reached.

Before you round up others to start a points pool, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Pooled reward points are given to just one member in the group, so make sure you know and trust the individual in your group who’s the "point person." He can’t transfer the pooled points to anyone else, but there’s no requirement for him to use the points for the intended goal.

Also, make sure the collector does not sit on those points. After the points pool is closed by the organizer, the points are transferred out of all the donors’ accounts and will not be returned. Transferred points must be redeemed within 90 days or they expire.

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