The RevolutionCard is now available

Closeup of credit card

The nation's newest credit card is from a company called Revolution Money whose chairman is former AOL chief Steve Case.

Its rather ambitious goal is to become the newest competitor for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

RevolutionCard hopes to lure users with better security, rational interest rates based on individual credit scores, free online bill payment and no annual fee.

Just looking at one tells you it's different -- there's no name or account number embossed on the front -- and every transaction requires a personal identification number.

Right now the RevolutionCard can be used at 100,000 stores and restaurants.

But within three years it hopes to be accepted at 7 million businesses, putting it on a par with the other major cards.

It certainly shouldn't have any trouble winning over merchants because its transaction fees are a fraction of what they're paying to process a MasterCard or Visa purchase.

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