The Arriva card’s a lousy bet

Closeup of credit card

"The first credit card designed for use in casinos" is a stunningly bad idea.

Arriva was created by Global Cash Access, whose ATMs, cash advance and check cashing services are available in hundreds of casinos.

It does offer better terms on cash advances, including a 25-day grace period in which to repay the loan with no interest charges. (Virtually every other credit card starts charging interest the second you take the money.)

But smart gamblers only take what they can afford to lose to the tables and slot machines. When it's gone, it's time to hit the road -- not the ATM.

A credit card that encourages you to keep playing on borrowed money can only lead to big debts and other problems.

Indeed, Global Cash Access tells casino owners that the "average in-casino cash advance done on an Arriva Card is significantly larger than those done on all other credit cards."

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