American Express revamps Blue Cash credit cards

American Express credit card

American Express just rolled out two new cards with expanded cash-back options.

Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred cash-back credit cards are upgraded versions of their old cash-back selves.

The old Blue Cash cards offered cash back on all gas, grocery and drug stores once you passed $6,500 in total annual spending. So the rewards program card was a hit among big spenders, but didn’t offer much in the way of rewards for frugal shoppers.

Now, the new cards have no limit, so the chance to earn cash starts right away.

In addition to all the places the Blue cards used to let consumers earn cash, now purchases made at department stores are eligible for the cash-back reward.

Here’s a look at each card.

Blue Cash Preferred Card

It includes:

Cash-back bonus rewards are:

Blue Cash Everyday Card

It includes:

Cash-back bonus rewards are:

The new cards also offer a bonus, $25 for the Everyday and $75 for the Preferred, for referring a friend to the Blue Cash cards. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer or the bonuses you can earn.

Compare these cards with all of the cash-back credit card offers in our extensive database.

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