I'm in awe of basketball star's sneaker stash

Richard Hamilton picture

Richard Hamilton is a true NBA superstar -- albeit an aging and injured one who is currently laid up with a sprained shoulder and out of the Chicago Bulls' lineup.

So with a little time on his hands, Rip, as he's known in the hoops world, took to Twitter to show off his room full of what SneakerFiles describes as "Air Jordans and player exclusives."

Even I was stunned at this peek into the life of the rich and famous (see below).

New Air Jordans typically cost around $150 a pair.

But drop by one of the Flight Club stores in New York or Los Angeles, and you'll find "The #1 Sneaker Consignment Marketplace in the World" peddling collector models for anywhere from $300 to an astonishing $950.

Of course, I have no idea which versions are in all of those boxes.

But I'm betting Rip has a six-figure sneaker collection here -- a private stash any 1-percenter would be proud to own.

And Hamilton is definitely in the club, having earned more than $103 million in his 14-year career, according to Basketball-Reference.com.

Here's a look at some of the Air Jordans Rip owns:

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