A new way to cut the best deal on big-ticket electronics

Big-screen TV

Shopping for big-ticket electronics like an HDTV is hard.

What kind of flat screen is best? What size will work for the room? Can I actually mount that thing on the wall, or do I need to get a new piece of furniture and a TV stand?

But that's nothing compared to getting the best deal once you've found the one you want.

Prices are all over the place and constantly changing.

It's like trying to pick the right time to buy a plane ticket. Nearly impossible for us mortals -- myself included.

I've been trying to decide when to buy a 32-inch Samsung flat-screen TV for over a year. Yes, a year.

But I don’t want to buy now if prices are going to be lower in just a few weeks.

That's where Decide.com comes in.

It's a website created by Mike Fridgen, the same guy who came up with Price Predictor -- that brilliant tool on Bing.com that projects whether or not the price of that flight will go up or down.

Using Decide.com is free and easy.

Just choose the item you want -- computers, cameras, phones, tablets, eReaders, GPS devices, even video games -- and it will tell you whether now is a good time to buy or whether you should wait because prices are expected to fall soon.

Decide.com will also tell you who has the best price on the device you want and whether an updated version is due out soon. As with Price Predictor, it provides a price history of the item as well.

If Decide.com tells you to wait, just ask the site to send an email when it's the right time to buy.

You can download it as an app to your smartphone if you want to do some in-store shopping, too.

It even lets you do a broader search -- say, a 32-inch TV -- and Decide.com will give you your options.

Of course, it's not 100% accurate.

Decide.com says it's right 77% of the time.

But that's better than trying to time the market blindly on your own.

It's telling me I should buy my HDTV sooner rather than later.

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