October's top 36-month CD rates pay 1.65%

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The top nationally available 3-year CD rates have taken quite a beating over the past month, falling a quarter of a percentage point.

At the beginning of September, you could still earn 1.90% APY with our top-paying nationally available deal.

Now the best you can earn is 1.65% APY from our new leader, Doral Bank Direct, the online division of Puerto Rico's leading community bank. You'll have to make a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Doral Bank's return is more than two times the national average return on 36-month certificates -- 0.72% APY, according to our most recent weekly survey of major banks.

That's a new record low.

The next best return belongs to Discover Bank, an online bank owned by the credit card company, pays 1.60% APY with a minimum deposit of $2,500.

As of Oct. 7, 2011, three other banks all pay 1.55% APY:

Aurora Bank, which has branches in Wilmington, Del., and Jersey City, N.J, with a minimum deposit of $1,000.

Quaint Oak Bank, a suburban Philadelphia bank with a single location, with a minimum deposit of $500.

AmTrust Direct, the online division of Cleveland-based AmTrust Bank, a division of New York Community Bank, with a $1,000 minimum deposit.

To qualify for this list, a bank must allow savers from all 50 states to buy its certificates of deposit online or through the mail.

Click here to compare these returns with the top CD rates from dozens of banks in your area.

Our CD calculator will help you figure out the interest you'll earn, for any term, amount and interest rate.

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