Best 3-year CD rates start at over 2%

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The best nationally available 3-year CDs have had a rough start to the year.

The two banks that were paying 1.70% APY on nationally available 36-month CDs — EverBank and iGOBanking — both cut their rates this month.

Now the best you'll earn on a nation deal is 1.50% APY (more on this later).

Fortunately, there are a slew of community banks and credit unions offering very attractive returns on this term.

In fact, you're more likely to find a local deal on 3-year CDs than most other terms.

Although those rates are only available to savers who live or work in a limited area or specific industry, they're more generous than the best nationally available deals.

For example, customers at Crescent Bank in Louisiana and at Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union in Texas can earn up to 2.02% APY.

In many cases, those accounts must be opened in person, but the rates are well worth the trip.

Here are some examples of the best local deals currently being offered.

TOP 3-YEAR CD RATES: Local Deals

Bank/Credit Union (APY) State Contact
Crescent Bank 2.02% Louisiana
Gulf Coast Federal Credit Union 2.02% Texas
First Utah Bank 2.00% Utah
Lower Valley Credit Union 1.81% Washington State
NavyArmy Community Credit Union 1.75% Texas
Massena Savings & Loan 1.73% New York
LOMTO Federal Credit Union 1.65% New York
TEXAR Federal Credit Union 1.65% Texas
Transit Employees Federal Credit Union 1.60% Washington
Advancial Federal Credit Union 1.57% Alaska, Louisiana, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas
Department of Commerce Federal Credit Union 1.55% Washington, D.C.
Industrial Credit Union 1.55% Massachusetts
Texas Workforce Credit Union 1.51% Texas

If you don't see anything near you, then the best nationally available return of 1.50% APY is available from Nationwide Bank with a $1,000 minimum.

TOP 3-YEAR CD RATES: Nationally Available Bank Deals

Bank APY Minimum Deposit
Nationwide Bank 1.50% $500
GE Capital 1.45% $500
Sallie Mae 1.45% $2,500
BankDirect 1.45% $10,000
Barclays 1.45% No minimum
CIT Bank 1.45% $25,000
First Internet Bank of Indiana 1.45% $1,000
Discover Bank 1.45% $2,500

To qualify for this list, a bank must be FDIC-insured and allow savers from all 50 states to buy its certificates of deposit online, by phone or through the mail.

Our CD calculator will help you figure out the interest you'll earn, for any term, amount and interest rate.

TOP 3-YEAR CD RATES: About The Banks

Bank Description URL
Nationwide Bank An online bank owned by the well-known Ohio-based insurance company.
GE Capital Bank One of two online banks, each with its own FDIC insurance, that are subsidiaries of GE Capital Corp., the financial services unit of the manufacturing giant.
Sallie Mae Bank An online bank owned by the student lender.
BankDirect The online division of Texas Capital Bank, which has 12 locations in Texas.
Barclays The online American operation of the worldwide British bank with more than $2 trillion in assets.
CIT Bank The online consumer bank of CIT Group Inc., which offers financing to small and midsize companies.
First Internet Bank of Indiana An online bank located in Indianapolis.
Discover Bank An online bank owned by the credit card company.

All of these rates are at least two to three times the current average for 36-month CDs, which is 0.53% APY, according to our most recent survey of major banks and thrifts.

Want to compare this with the best returns for 3-month to 5-year CDs?

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Contributing editor Darci Swisher contributed to this report.