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Comparing interest rates and compounding methods on different CDs can be confusing. The annualized percentage yield (APY) takes both into consideration and makes comparison much easier.


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  • White piggy banks with stacks of money and moneybag Top national 5-year CD rates pay 2.27%

    The best nationally available return is 2.27% APY, while the top local deal pays 3.05% APY. Will savings rates start moving higher later this summer? Or in early fall?

  • 5 smart moves for investing in CDs

    The savviest savers know how to squeeze every drop of earnings from their certificates of deposit, and this is how they'll do it as interest rates rise over the next several years.

  • piggy bank in glasses Best national 1-year CD rates move up to 1.36%

    The best nationally available return on 12-month CDs is at 1.36%. But local deals from credit unions and community banks are paying nearly 2% right now — and that's where to put your money.

  • Clear piggy bank with coins Best National 3-year CD rates pay up to 1.70%

    The best nationally available 36-month CD rate is 1.70% APY, and there are lots of local deals on these popular certificates of deposit that pay as much as 2.33%. Don't settle for less when investing your money.

  • Piggy bank in dollar bills Best national 24-month CD rates pay 1.51%

    Don't invest a cent until you've checked out our rankings of the best-paying 2-year certificates of deposit. We've found local deals paying up to 2.25% and nationally available returns of up to 1.51% APY.

  • White piggy bank on gold background Top national 6-month CD rates pay over 1%

    With the best 6-month CDs now paying over 1%, there's no reason to settle for an average return of just 0.16% APY. We've scoured the country to find the best local and national deals on these popular short-term certificates of deposit.

  • Marie and Ed Peters Saving $100,000 before age 30 was just a start

    The first $100,000 is always the hardest $100,000 to save. Here's how Marie and Ed Peters have almost accomplished that while still in their 20s.

  • 5 things you should know about target date funds

  • Savings bonds I Bond return jumps to 1.94%

    The yield on these popular U.S. Savings Bonds will pay more than all but the best certificates of deposit over the next six months.

  • Where to find higher yields

    The Federal Reserve seems determined to hold CD rates at record lows for at least the next 18 months -- maybe longer. So why not consider one of these options to boost your annual returns to 3%, 5% or even more.

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