7 sports cars you can drive every day

Subaru BRZ Limited

Price: $29,590
Mileage: 25 mpg city/34 highway/28 combined

BRZ is the love child of Subaru and Toyota. Toyota badges it as the Scion FR-S. We can't get enough of this car. Although it handles like the two-seat sports car you expect from its sleek exterior, it has a backseat — of sorts. Nimble and athletic, it was born and bred for curvy mountain roads. The only Subaru without all-wheel-drive, its 200-horsepower, 2-liter flat-four engine turns the rear wheels via a driver-shiftable, six-speed automatic transmission. If you are willing to stir the transmission yourself, the BRZ Premium is about $3,500 less. The automatic transmission scrubs a bit from the acceleration, but you won't care as you power through the turns. The flat engine lowers the center of gravity for better stability. Despite its slick exterior lines, the front-seat area is remarkably roomy, and the seats quite comfortable.