Get the most from a test-drive

Assess the ride, handling

Notice how composed the car feels when you’re driving. Drive over railroad tracks or find a bumpy street. Suspension tuning depends on personal preference, but think about whether the car feels too floaty or too harsh for your liking. Pay attention to the steering weight. Don’t just jiggle the wheel back and forth; go on a freeway on-ramp and take a curve quickly. Does it take a lot of effort to turn the wheel, or does it feel too easy? Does the vehicle have adjustable settings for steering and suspension, like a sport mode? Also notice how quiet the cabin is and whether there’s wind or road noise. Test low-speed maneuverability in a parking lot. Pull in and out of a parking space. Pay attention to how far you have to crank the wheel to get around the corner, as well as the turning radius of the car as a whole.

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