7 sports cars you can drive every day

Make commuting more fun

Sports cars are undeniably cool but often so cramped and unsuited for city driving that they're literally a pain in the rump. No wonder most shoppers dismiss them as pricey weekend playthings — or worse, midlife crisis clichés. But what if you could get most of the head-turning style and performance with passable comfort and drivability? Now would you consider taking one to work? We think we've found seven 2015 models you can live with every day. While we admit to stretching the definition of "sports car" a bit, all of our picks are true two-seaters or have a backseat that's more like an upholstered package shelf. Since we know you'll be driving in traffic, we've priced them with automatic transmissions. Yet four still cost no more $32,000 — the average transaction price for a new car and truck these days. Let's start with the cheapest and work our way up ... 

By Russ Heaps
Interest.com Contributing Editor