7 great SUVs for winter

Kick the stuffing out of snow and mud

Our picks of the most capable SUVs for winter driving aren't just about getting around in the snow. There are plenty of vehicles that can brilliantly negotiate a few inches of snow to get you where you need to go. What we've assembled are a bunch of SUVs that can tackle a foot of the stuff and the mud that goes with it. Whether you're hauling snowmobiles, plowing the driveway or just clawing your way off the beaten path, these are the go-to SUVs of winter. All have a four-wheel low gear, can haul at least 1,000 pounds of people and cargo (the payload), and tow at least 4,500 pounds. Performance like this does not come cheap. Think low 30s and up. But these prices include four-wheel-drive, automatic transmission, power windows, power door locks, power outside mirrors, at least six airbags, audio system with iPod interface and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as the delivery charge. So let's start with the most affordable of the bunch.

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