Get the most from a test-drive

Get comfortable

Once you’ve found the perfect specimen, open the door and get in. Notice how easy it is to sit down. Is the seat low to the ground, or do you have to contort yourself to get into the driver’s seat? How does the upholstery feel? Is it soft enough, and does it look like it would be durable long-term?  Are the seat adjustments manual or power, and do they offer enough range of support?  Notice the seat size. Are the cushions wide and long enough, or conversely, are they snug enough to hold your body without sloshing around? The California Department of Motor Vehicles says to keep your body 10 inches from the steering hub for maximum safety. To this end, steering columns that telescope give a better range of adjustability. Smaller drivers may also want to consider a vehicle with power-adjustable pedals so they can still comfortably reach the controls while staying a safe distance from the wheel.

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