Get the most from a test-drive

9 smart moves before you buy

The Internet has made it easier than ever to research vehicles, find the best prices and read others’ opinions. In fact, a study conducted by Los Angeles-based Maritz Research found that more than one in 10 drivers are so comfortable with what they learn online that they're buying a new ride without ever taking a test-drive. That’s a risky proposition. There's just no substitute for getting behind the wheel of a car or truck before you commit to buying it. Indeed, test-driving your two or three top choices is the best way to find the ride that's right for you. Our suggestions can help you check everything from power and comfort to cargo space and high-tech gizmos, and ensure that your expectations are met. Asking these questions now can reduce the chance of a nasty surprise down the road that leaves you filled with buyer's remorse.

By Laura Burstein Contributing Editor

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