8 great new rides for 2014

2014 Cadillac ELR

Price: $65,000 (Estimated)

Fuel Economy: Not Available

Does the world need a luxury version of the Chevrolet Volt? Sure, why not? If you're going to drive an electric car, we think it makes a lot of sense to have an onboard gasoline engine to recharge the batteries and the ELR definitely builds on the Volt's technology.

Range on a full electric charge and tank of gas is 300 miles. Cadillac says the range on battery power alone is 35 miles. The downside, the price -- yet to be announced -- will probably surprise the typical Cadillac buyer as much as the Volt's hefty price makes the typical Chevy customer gasp.

That said, on the outside it looks every inch a Cadillac. The ELR is a racy-looking coupe that will turn heads when it reaches showrooms early next year. Inside you can bet the ELR will be loaded with luxury, convenience and technology features.

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