Is a future collectible in your garage?

10 new cars we're likely to treasure decades from now

A 1967 Chevrolet Corvette L88 Coupe that cost about $4,400 when it was new fetched an astounding $3.85 million at an Arizona auction. We think that's a pretty good return.

Of course, most cars won't be worth anything like that 20, 30 or 40 years down the road, no matter how much money has been poured into their care and restoration.

But is it possible to predict which 2014 models might generate the kind of excitement and demand to make them a highly prized and valuable “collectible”?

We think a good place to start is Hagerty, a company specializing in insuring classic cars, trucks and motorcycles as well as publishing collectible-vehicle value guides.

Each year it picks the 10 new cars — and trucks — most likely to become collectibles.

The models on Hagerty's 2014 list range from a breathtaking 550-horsepower European sports car priced at nearly $100,000 to a four-door urban runabout that barely costs $20,000.

"For a car to be collectible in the future, it has to be cool right off the assembly line," says McKeel Hagerty, the company's president and CEO. "A collectible car has to grab you and not let you go.”

Do you have — or want — one of these future treasures in your garage? Prices include destination charges.

By Russ Heaps Contributing Editor