7 cars people buy again and again

What makes these models so popular

Customer-satisfaction surveys are all well and good, but we believe actions speak louder than words. The real measure of how people feel about their rides is whether they buy the same car or truck again. According to Michigan-based R.L Polk, an automotive data specialist, the average owner keeps a car for about six years. Because most of us live with a car for so long, we think that's the strongest possible statement about the quality and durability of a vehicle. These are cars and trucks you can live with for the long haul without getting bored or disappointed. Each year R.L. Polk releases its Automotive Loyalty Awards, which recognizes those models with the highest percentage of repeat buyers. If, for example, 27 of every 100 Honda Civic owners who replaced their cars in 2012 bought another Civic, then 27% of those would be repeat buyers. Here are the leaders in seven segments, with the reasons we think they inspire such devotion. Prices are for the least expensive 2013 version, including delivery charges. Compare car loan rates here.

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