7 cars people buy again and again

Sports Car: Ford Mustang

Base Price: $22,995
Repeat Buyers: 18.1%

The Mustang still engages drivers nearly 50 years after its launch. Maintaining some of its earliest styling cues, it remains familiar to baby boomers, yet it is highly contemporary to younger drivers. Sure, tradition is one of the reasons older drivers keep coming back, but it's the combination of Mustang's hot-shoe styling and user-friendly performance that we believe really turns owners into devoted, repeat buyers. Even the base car comes with a V-6 that generates an impressive 305 horsepower. The ponies just keep multiplying as you increase the engine size all the way to 662 horsepower in the Shelby GT500. But Mustang isn't just about horsepower. It is as easy to drive in stop-and-go city traffic as it is fun to drive on curvy mountain roads.

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