7 cars people buy again and again

Luxury SUV: Land Rover Range Rover

Base Price: $83,545
Repeat Buyers: 37.4%

Land Rover completely redesigned the Range Rover for 2013, which could impact loyalty going forward. But we doubt it. If anything, the improvements should increase loyalty. The Range Rover is what you get when you combine maximum capability with over-the-top luxury, and that's what we believe keeps owners firmly in the Range Rover driver's seat. Do most owners take their $83,000-plus Range Rovers rock crawling or swamp wading? Of course not, and neither would we. But it's the idea these SUVs can go just about anywhere a motorized vehicle has ever been that appeals to well-heeled owners who want some bragging rights as well as an uber-luxurious vehicle. Moreover, in the redesign Land Rover boosted highway fuel economy to 20 mpg while enhancing the communications and safety technology.

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