7 sports cars you can drive every day

Honda CR-Z

Price: $21,415

Mileage:36 mpg city/39 highway/37 combined

We included the CR-Z because of its drivability and two-seat cabin. We chose it as a nod to the high mileage crowd. An urban warrior, really, it's for the enthusiast who spends most of his wheel time slogging through overcrowded city streets. We love its exterior lines and futuristic instrument layout. The cabin is comfortable if not fancy. In the twisties of the open road, however, we'd prefer just about any other car on our list. This is a hybrid, which means it's laden with a heavy battery pack that makes the CR-Z harder to get around curves. It's also front-wheel drive, which isn't as good as rear-wheel drive when it comes to handling. But its 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine teams with an electric motor and continuously variable transmission to generate 130 horsepower and get the best gas mileage of our picks.

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