7 great new cars for 2013

Ford C-Max Hybrid SE

Price: $25,995

Mileage: 47 mpg city/47 highway/47 combined

This is the first Ford to get just as good mileage in the city as on the highway, at least according to the EPA. Although the pricey SEL version includes features like rear parking sensors, we think you’ll be happy with the more affordable C-Max Hybrid SE. It’s nicely outfitted with dual-zone climate control, continuously variable transmission, turn signals in the outside mirrors, seven air bags and a trip computer. Ford is quick to point out that the C-Max Hybrid has a longer range — a total of 570 miles on a tank of gas — and better fuel economy than the Toyota Prius V. It’s also capable of accelerating to 62 mph running on nothing but electricity. When gasoline power is needed, a 2-liter four-cylinder engine kicks in to work with the electric motor. Together they produce a respectable 188 horsepower. Has Ford raised the hybrid bar? We think so. A fully electric plug-in version is on the way.

  • norman st-amour

    In Europe, this vehicle is available without the hybrid option for years. Should be available here. This vehicle is too useful to be restricted to hybrid only.

  • http://interest.comautos L.A.

    I'm sorry but I don't get the review about this Ford C-Max Hybrid. Why would anyone not want every car in hybrid only? So you can be an idiot like Arnold S. & have this sense entitlement to screw up the environment some more. I couldn't have children after 30 years of fertility treatments but I care what kind of world I am leaving the next generation. Also,I don't want anymore B.S. reasons other then oil or revenge to attack a country like Iraq. I guess you are more important then the planet & like paying w/other peoples & beings lives.

  • grunt

    Lady who can't reproduce and hates Arnold, go get a life we don't want u to reproduce you much to hateful. Arnold and everyone has the right to choose what they want to drive, we are entitled this is America

  • LS

    Between this and the Acura, NOW we're talking good mileage. Seems like "mpg" gets better when the car gets smaller instead of technology changes. Thank you Bob, Alfie and LA for your comments.