6 cheap cars with killer sound systems

2012 Ford Focus Titanium Sedan

Price: $22,995

Audio Upgrade: $0

Total Price: $22,995

We think the four-door 2012 Ford Focus Titanium's sound system is the best deal on our list.

Titanium is the top-of-the-line Focus, costing $1,900 more than the more popular Focus SEL. But that extra cash translates into a ton of technology.

The SEL's six-speaker audio system with CD player has speed-sensitive volume control, steering wheel-mounted audio controls and USB port with iPod interface.

Stepping up to the Titanium automatically adds a teeth-rattling Sony-infused system with 10 speakers — including one subwoofer — HD radio and Sirius satellite radio capability with six months' free service.

Among other Titanium upgrades like keyless ignition are MyFord Touch with an eight-inch touch screen providing fingertip oversight of all the car's key systems, SYNC that integrates your personal devices and Wi-Fi capability.

It's a total technology package fit for a $70,000 luxury sedan.

  • Schroeder

    The Sony speaker system in Ford vehicles is not impressive at all. I've driven every single vehicle that Ford has to offer with that speaker system in it and while it's definitely an upgrade over any Starks system it's very underwhelming for what you have to pay to get it. Sony has a bad habit of underpowering it's system overall, abusing the use of compressors at higher volume. And not including a sub woofer that can handle any kind of music at 70% or greater volume. I could go out and spend $800 and get a significantly better system with fewer speakers then what Sony has put in for vehicles for the last six years.