Money-saving leases are back

Car keys on lease application

Leasing is back.

After being left for dead for almost two years of financial crisis and recession, automakers are once again offering low-cost leases on most models.

You won't have to look hard even for deals that require little or no money down.

Here, for example, are three very good cars that come with very good leases, this month: 

Here's where to find all the lease deals currently available.

But is leasing the best way for you to finance that new ride?

Plug all of the numbers into our Buy or lease? calculator.

It will allow you to compare total costs and monthly payments to make sure the lease you're being offered is cheaper than simply buying the car or truck with a conventional auto loan.

When you lease a car or truck, the finance company or bank buys the vehicle you choose, rents it to you for a specified period of time and takes possession of the vehicle when the lease is over.

That makes leasing a more complex way to finance a vehicle, and leases come with lots of confusing fees and terms.

To get the best deal, you have to understand all of the potential costs that could turn your lease into a more expensive deal than you realize.

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