Ford is offering free financing on most 2013 cars and trucks

Red 2013 Ford Fusion

Free financing is available on most of Ford's most popular models this month, including the 2013 Fusion midsize sedan, F-150 pickup and Explorer SUV.

Zero is as low as you can go, so 0% financing is the best discount you can get on a new car or truck loan.

The interest free auto loans are for up to 60 months.

The financing is much lower than the average cost of a 60-month new car loan, which is currently 4.12% APR, according to our most recent national survey of major auto lenders.

The Ford Fiesta starts at $13,995, including destination charge. Accept a loan for that amount at the national average of 4.12% for five years, and you’re looking at monthly payments of $258.50.

But get a 60 month no-interest loan on the Fiesta and the payments go down to $233.25 a month and you'd save $1,515 in interest charges over the term of the loan.

In some parts of the country, you can get 0% financing and cash back on some models, up to $1,750 on the fullsize Taurus sedan, for example.

On other Ford cars and trucks you have to choose between a rebate or 0% interest.

The interest-free loan is usually your best bet. But use our auto loan calculator to help you find the biggest savings.

These promotional deals are only available through Ford Credit through June 3, 2013. Loan details vary depending on where you live.

Buyers will need good credit to qualify for the best loan rates — figure a FICO score of at least 720. A down payment may also be required.

If you’re in the hunt for a new auto, use our 5 simple steps to the best deal on a new car or truck. You can learn how to shop smart and drive home a real bargain.

In addition, search our database of the best auto loan rates from scores of other lenders in your area. It can help you score an affordable loan if you decide to buy a car that doesn’t qualify for Ford’s interest-free financing.

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