Auto Loan Calculator

Need to figure out how much car you can afford? Purchasing a new vehicle without going over your monthly budget is very difficult. This calculator will help you calculate how much you can afford, in terms of a monthly payment and the price of car you can afford.

  • Cesar Estrada

    I'm trying to make credit what should I do

    • Bre

      Go to a bank you have been banking with for a while and ask for a loan.

    • Rodney

      Get a credit card with a very low cap. I started with $500 and just charged gas and food on it. Then at the end of the month paid it off in full.

  • jayce333

    My credit scores only 615 should I hold off on buying a car what kind of interest rate should I expect.

    • Rodney

      You should expect an interest rate around 6-12 percent. I have a 775 credit score and got 2.5%

  • weeone21

    If the auto loan is $ 40755.00 at 3.99 % over 84 months and payment is 485.60 per month - how much is the interest per year.

  • rm25

    I bought a 2013 dodge durango my credit score is 545 and my co signer is 787 they told me that my monthly payments are 615 I would like to know if thats a fare deal if not what can I do I haven't receive the first bill yet

    • Mike Smithson

      what are you doing buying a 2013 Dodge Durango with a 545 credit score?