Where to save money on gas

Dollar bill sticking out of gas tank

With gas prices on the rise, saving money at the pump is a priority.

Sure, we all know the common gas-saving tips like driving a fuel-efficient vehicle, not pulling away from a stoplight like you’re trying to set a new quarter-mile record and keeping your tires properly inflated.

But what about actually saving money on gasoline itself?

Here’s one: Consider shopping at stores that have their own gas stations and reward programs. Not every store or every location will have something like this, but many do. Be it a supermarket chain or one of the discount clubs, there may be an opportunity for savings, especially if you already shop at these places.

This is what I do, and the savings add up.

For example, our local grocery store has its own gas station. Not every store offers gas, but every store in the chain will allow you to rack up reward points whether it sells gas or not.

Each week the store runs sales, and some of these sale items offer a gas discount. The savings is typically anywhere from 1 to 5 cents per gallon. One weekly shopping trip can often mean earning as much as 25 cents off per gallon just for buying the things you’d be buying anyway.

Hey, on a 10-gallon fill, that’s a savings of $2.50.

If you fill up 10 gallons every week that adds up to about $130 a year without even making an effort.

Want to sweeten the deal even more?

Get your discount while shopping, and then turn around and fill up using a cash back or gas rewards credit or debit card. With some cards offering as much as 5% cash back, you’ll be saving on top of your savings.

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