Shop Saturday and other car-buying tips

Front end of red car on highway

If you are determined to purchase a new vehicle now, you will get the best deals in May this Saturday (yes, tomorrow).

That's one of the great tidbits I picked up from one of the auto websites I regularly track:

Now is a bad time to buy because there's dwindling supply and dealers have almost no incentive to negotiate a lower price. But if you absolutely have to get a new car or truck, you need to do everything you can to gain the upper hand.

Research is your best weapon.

Of course, you can get some valuable advice right here at

We offer lots of advice on getting a better price as well as securing the best auto loan rates possible.

I also suggest checking out, and

But I head to to find buying information I can't find anywhere else.

Its monthly TrueTrends report (accessed by clicking News & Trends at the bottom of the page) offers discount tips, fuel-economy measures and what it bills as its "Performance Scorecards."

These scorecards grade auto brands according to price discounts, incentives, inventory, variation from MSRP (manufacturer's suggest retail price) and four other criteria.

The report's "Price Flex Score" pinpoints not only the vehicles on which you're most likely to negotiate a better price, but also the ones in which you probably won't win a deal.

Here are a few other facts I learned from the May TrueTrends report:

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