Give the gift of a spiffy, usable garage

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With the turkey and stuffing firmly in our rearview mirror, it's time to drag ourselves off the sofa and get some gift shopping out of the way.

If you're like me, you spend more time noodling the ideal gift idea than actually shopping.

To whittle down some of the time you will spend obsessing over just the right gift, I've thrown together a couple of ideas for that garage-challenged car enthusiast on your list.

Yeah, that's right. I'm going to suggest presents that will help bring harmony to the chaos that reigns in most garages.

I love garages. Every true car enthusiast does. So this is a much better idea than you might think.

I usually cater to my inner slacker by shopping on the Internet.

Why go out in the cold, slugging it out in crowded stores and malls, when I can sit on my can at home, order stuff and have it delivered right to my door?

So the following gifts can be purchased online and shipped directly to you, giving you more time for sipping eggnog in your recliner or loitering under some mistletoe hoping for an unsuspecting passerby.

Let's start with some books available at

Each provides gobs of ideas for transforming the biggest mess into an organized space for housing and maintaining vehicles.

To help your car enthusiast put some of the ideas inspired by these books to work, go to Gladiator Garageworks for actual work and storage systems.

Not inexpensive, these are rugged components engineered to last and designed for a wide variety of needs.

GearTrack Channels, onto which all sorts of components from hooks to shelves to cabinets can be attached, are the core of the system. A set of two 48-inch channels costs $24.

The Accessory Starter Kit 1 retails for $80 and contains one wire basket and four hooks for hanging tools. A 30-inch shelf costs $51.

Although giving our favorite car enthusiast a garage-related gift might seem a little like giving Mom a can opener, every true car nut lusts for that dream garage.

It's gift giving at its best.

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