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  • Mortgage Rates

  • 30 yr fixed mtg 4.27% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed mtg 3.27% Change


    Last Week


  • 30 yr fixed jumbo 4.56% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed jumbo 3.70% Change


    Last Week


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  • CD Rates

  • 1 yr CD 0.90% Change


    Last Week


  • 2 yr CD 1.09% Change


    Last Week


  • 3 yr CD 1.23% Change


    Last Week


  • 5 yr CD 1.74% Change


    Last Week


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  • Money chart and calculator 5 things you should know about target date funds

    Put your retirement plan on auto pilot with a target date fund, which automatically rebalances your portfolio over time.

    July 21st 2014

  • Calculator home on money Pay just 3.75% for a fixed-rate 30-year home loan

    National Mortgage Alliance has one of July's best deals on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages and they're available nationwide. Don't have much cash for a down payment? FHA loans start at 3.25%.

    July 20th 2014

  • Ingrid Case picture What if we all worked for tips?

    Imagine if you had to rely directly on the goodwill and generosity of the people you serve in order to make a living wage. When you decide whether and how much to tip, you have an opportunity to make a significant economic contribution to a real person.

    July 18th 2014

  • piggy bank in glasses Pocket up to 1.30% with July's leading 1-year CDs

    You've got to take advantage of the best local and nationally available deals on 12-month CDs. All of these banks and credit unions pay at least four times more the national average on these popular certificates of deposit.

    July 18th 2014

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