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  • Mortgage Rates

  • 30 yr fixed mtg 4.36% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed mtg 3.39% Change


    Last Week


  • 30 yr fixed jumbo 4.68% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed jumbo 4.13% Change


    Last Week


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  • CD Rates

  • 1 yr CD 0.90% Change


    Last Week


  • 2 yr CD 1.03% Change


    Last Week


  • 3 yr CD 0.99% Change


    Last Week


  • 5 yr CD 1.59% Change


    Last Week


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  • Piggy bank in dollar bills New 2-year CD pops to top of our national rankings

    Don’t invest a cent until you've checked out our rankings of the best-paying 2-year CDs. Earn up to 1.26% with our leading nationally available returns and 1.75% if you can qualify for one of our favorite local deals.

    April 18th 2014

  • Fund Fight logo Vanguard vs. T. Rowe Price 2035 Target Funds

    Vanguard and T. Rowe Price offer two of the most respected target date funds around. But which one is the best if you have to choose for your retirement fund?

    April 18th 2014

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  • Car key and fob on cash Pay less than 2% for a car loan this spring

    Pretty much anyone can join Pentagon Federal Credit Union and take advantage of its very competitive car loans. Rates start as low as 0.49% for three-year loans to 1.99% for five-year financing.

    April 17th 2014

  • 9 ways to crush all-cash buyers

    Someone selling their house loves a buyer who pays cash. If you're relying on a mortgage to buy a home, you'll need a strategy to compete.

    April 16th 2014

  • Savings bonds Return on I Bonds set to jump this spring

    The yield on these popular U.S. Savings Bonds should pay more than all but the best certificates of deposit when rates reset next month.

    April 15th 2014

  • Bills shaped like house Is now the right time to refinance?

    These 5 smart moves can help you decide whether its worth your effort to refinance and how to find the best possible mortgage deal.

    April 14th 2014

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