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  • Mortgage Rates

  • 30 yr fixed mtg 4.04% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed mtg 3.04% Change


    Last Week


  • 30 yr fixed jumbo 4.13% Change


    Last Week


  • 15 yr fixed jumbo 3.80% Change


    Last Week


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  • CD Rates

  • 1 yr CD 0.99% Change


    Last Week


  • 2 yr CD 1.20% Change


    Last Week


  • 3 yr CD 1.31% Change


    Last Week


  • 5 yr CD 1.82% Change


    Last Week


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    If you’re among the millions of Americans bracing for the minimum payment on your home equity line of credit to go up – way up – there’s no need to panic. There are lots of ways to deal with repaying this debt.

    December 14th 2014

  • piggy bank in glasses Top 12-month CD rates surge to 3-year high

    You've got to take advantage of the best local and nationally available offers on 12-month CDs. All of these banks and credit unions pay at least four times more the average return on these popular certificates of deposit.

    December 14th 2014

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    You need the right information and a savvy negotiating strategy to drive away with the lowest price and cheapest loan. Let us show you how to be a smart, confident buyer.

    December 13th 2014

  • hand holding a toy house for sale How to get an FHA loan

    This government program can help home buyers with lower credit, higher debt and little money for a down payment qualify for an affordable mortgage.

    December 12th 2014

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