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Advice on 401k plans, rollover, contribution limits and withdrawal.

401K Calculator

401(k) Calculator

A 401(k) plan is the best way to save for retirement. You'll get significant tax breaks and many employers will match all or part of your contributions.


401k Advice

  • 401(k) egg in nest in grass Be a smarter investor in your retirement plan

    If you really want a fighting chance at a secure retirement, you're going to have to become a smart investor. That means mastering a few key concepts that ensure you make the most of your 401(k) plan at work.

    September 26th 2016

  • Money chart and calculator 5 things you should know about target-date funds

    Target-date funds are the best retirement fund investment for a majority of savers. They guarantee you'll have a well-diversified portfolio, with low fees and no work on your part. That lets you concentrate on finding more money to put in them.

    September 24th 2016

  • Five golden eggs, expecting a return on their 401(k) What kind of return can we expect from a 401(k)?

    Something like 5% or 6% a year is reasonable, and long-term returns from 10 big mutual funds often found in 401(k) retirement plans show you could make even more than that.

    September 16th 2016

  • 401(k) egg in a nest on grass 7 rules for a successful 401(k) retirement account

    Here's how to make all of the right decisions so that you'll save more, invest wisely and take full advantage of all the tax breaks to build your retirement nest egg.

    September 10th 2016

  • egg sitting in a nest on grass 401(k) contribution limits get a boost for 2015

    Workers under the age of 50 will be able to put $18,000 into their employer-sponsored retirement plans next year, up from $17,500 this year. Workers over 50 will be allowed to contribute up to $24,000.

  • When rolling over your 401(k) is the wrong move

    Moving your retirement savings when you change jobs is usually the right call. Here are 9 situations when you should leave your 401(k) alone.

  • Ingrid Case An easy way to see how fees are eating your 401(k)

    Investment fees you pay to someone picking the stocks for your 401(k) and other investment accounts can cost you big time. Learn how to research those fees.

  • Basket of golden eggs Record rebound continues for 401(k) accounts

    The big year on Wall Street pushed the average balance in our retirment accounts up to a record $89,300. But you can't ride rallies like this if you don't keep investing, even when the markets are down.

  • Mitch Strohm image 401(k) millionaires: Their secret to saving a fortune

    We asked the Fidelity exec who's an aboslute authority on the topic. Her research provides the best roadmap we know of for amassing a million or more in your retirement account.

  • Value of 401(k) retirement plans vaults to new high

    The average 401(k) balance jumped from $80,600 in June to $84,300 at the end of September with nearly three-quarters of that growth due to market gains, not contributions.

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